The Head, the Heart, and the Heir series books:

The Last TRUE Heirs - Book releases in April 2024


A prince cursed.
Hidden truths revealed.
An ancient evil emerges–can she fight what lives inside?

Princess Alexandria expects her happily-ever-after to begin after marrying the prince of her dreams. But when it’s revealed that Prince Aaron has been cursed by someone trying to hurt her, turning him into a jealous, violent monster, Alex must retreat to safety in her own kingdom, Warren. There she grapples with having put Aaron in harm’s way–not knowing if the man she loves will ever be himself again.

Determined to help Alex, the sorcerer Gryphon relives the horrifying memories of Aaron belittling and hurting Alex, learning it was his family that cursed him in the first place. It’s all his fault and if he doesn’t save the Princeling, his future with Alex will be over before it begins.

While the sorcerers led by Gryphon try to find a cure, Alex discovers hidden spellbooks that might hold the key to saving Aaron–as well as an old journal revealing truths that throw her whole life into question and unearth why her grandfather killed her mother. When Alex shares what she’s learned, a close ally’s true identity is exposed.

Now, Alex must confront the truth of her past and what it means about her relationship to Aaron, face the sorcerers who want to capture or kill her, and ready herself to become the Queen her kingdoms need.

Can Alex grow into the sorceress she’s meant to be…or will the fury raging inside hold her back?

Note: This book deals with mature content and is recommended for upper YA (15 +)


Series Position: 4th book

Length: TBD pages

POV: 3rd person - multiple POVs

E-book: Available on KU or for purchase online at Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and many others.

Release Date paperback and Hardcover: April 2, 2024