The Head, the Heart, and the Heir series books:

The Heir Rises -- Releases December 5th, 2023


A prince she loves.
A sorcerer she can’t forget.
Can she live with the person she’s become?

Princess Alexandria should be consumed with celebrating her upcoming wedding to Prince Aaron, a ceremony that will unite the kingdoms of Warren and Datten. Instead, still recovering after her traumatic escape from her abusive uncle,she is preoccupied by lost memories, persistent nightmares, mystifying new scars, and the haunting echoes of a cracking whip. The answer to restoring her memories lies in the one place she never wanted to return to: the castle where she was held captive. Alex fears what her lost memories may reveal–could she be a monster like her grandfather…or is she something even worse?

While traveling to her wedding preparations, Alex is attacked by two mysterious sorcerers hunting for Gryphon, the sorcerer who helped Alex survive her imprisonment and trained her to control her growing powers. She doesn’t know his location, but that doesn’t stop them from nearly killing her.

Now, Alex’s powers are failing her completely, powerful sorcerers are after her, and Aaron is acting strange. He’s become obsessed with Gryphon and Alex doesn’t know if Aaron is still the same man she agreed to marry.

Can she regain her memories and save the man she loves or will Alex find herself alone again?

Note: This book deals with mature content and is recommended for upper YA (15 +)


Series Position: 3rd book

Length: 406 pages

POV: 3rd person - multiple POVs

E-book: Available on KU or for purchase online at Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and many others.